You are an alien who lives on the 653F2B comet within the 4e65766164610d0a belt. You are certain that humans are hidden in a secret facility at 41726561203532, or Area 52. Your 667269656e647320 think you're crazy but you know this mission is worth risking your life. Can you sneak past all the guards to see them humans? They can't stop all of us!


wasd/arrow keys - tap to move. To slow down or stop, tap in the opposite direction of your velocity.

Space/Left mouse button - beam up a lesser alien, which restores your health.

p/escape - pause


Programming, music and concept - Chris Delisa

World Art - Karlis Zabers from

Characters - Kenney

Enemies - rvos from

Particle FX - unTied Games from

Made for GamesPlusJam 2 - July 2019

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